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Powerboat Training Centre – Client Feedback

Powerboat Course Feedback

“I have had a very positive and enjoyable course and have improved my confidence dramatically.”
Client: Claire H.        Instructor: Amy V.   Course: RYA Level 2       

“I enjoyed all of the course, having a good instructor who makes it all easy to learn and who is very helpful helped build my confidence a lot.”
Client: Sarah W.          Instructor: Lyn P.    Course: RYA Level 2    

“Couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. Would recommend the course and Absolute Aqua to anyone in need of increasing their knowledge of boats and boating.”
Client: Nick W.           Instructor: Lyn P.   Course: RYA Level 2        

“I found the course a most illuminating experience. I have learnt the importance of taking the elements into context e.g. wind/tides, which a few years ago when I had my own Boston Whaler I did not take those factors into consideration. An excellent course – thank you.”
Client: Nigel S.      Instructor: Laurence W.     Course: RYA Level 2   

 “Instructor was very good at explaining situations and was easy to understand. Thank you for a very enjoyable and informative course.”
Client: Lucinda R.          Instructor: Ian P.    Course: RYA Level 2     

 “I was very impressed with the instruction. It was clear and concise. The instructor possessed a lot of patience!! The facilities and set up excellent and I would definitely recommend Absolute Aqua to anyone wishing to do a course.”
Client: Yvonne N.        Instructor: Ian H.    Course: RYA Level 2      

“I now have a much better understanding and respect for the waterways, a brilliant course and will be recommended to all.”
Client: John K.     Instructor: Laurence W.   Course: RYA Level 2  

 “Navigation around the harbour was excellent, a great course.”
Client: James P.        Instructor: Laurence W.   Course: RYA Level 2  

“I was most pleased with the way the course was run and the excellent tuition received from Ian. I feel very confident that I could now manage a similar size craft, many thanks.”
Client: Melvyn H.   Instructor: Ian H.   Course: RYA Level 2    

 “A most enjoyable course – I feel more confident now to go out and improve my skills.”
Client: Angela S.     Instructor: Ian H.     Course: RYA Level 2    

 “I highly recommend this course to anyone using the water as boat owner or crew, excellent.”
Client: Roger S.      Instructor: Ian H.     Course: RYA Level 2     

“Very pleased indeed. The course content was comprehensive and within the two days gave a thorough grounding in powerboat handling, leaving the student the knowledge required to practice their experience.”
Client: Brian M.     Instructor: Candi       Course: RYA Level 2     

 “Found it excellent, really enjoyed it and learnt a lot.”
Client: Chantal S.      Instructor: Ian H.        Course RYA Level 2    

“Instructor was very knowledgeable, helpful, courteous & friendly. He put students at ease.”
Client: Ian C.    Instructor: Dave T   Course: RYA Level 2   

 “Ian was a very informative and clear instructor, thanks for a great course.”
Client: Kim A.   Instructor: Ian H     Course RYA Level 2    

 “I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the course. Gained a lot of benefit from using my own boat and now feel much more confident about using my boat, many thanks.”
Client: Ian P.   Instructor: Ian H    Course: RYA Level 2      

 “Very effective in teaching navigation, each aspect was covered in appropriate detail. Good use of practical teaching points to back up theory.”
Client: James B.     Instructor: Candi   Course: RYA Intermediate     

 “Excellent instruction, excellent equipment, excellent boat.”
Client: Andy H.     Instructor: Candi   Course: RYA Intermediate     

“The challenge of a long distance passage, GPS plotting and rough weather boat handling were definitely extremely enjoyable.”
Client: Melissa T.   Instructor: Ian P.   Course: RYA Intermediate    

“I found it a really valuable experience, learnt a lot about navigation and driving in different conditions from those in the med and what else I need to practice.”
Client: Sam A.    Instructor: Ian H.   Course: RYA Intermediate   

“Night exercises, search patterns and advanced boat handling skills were all taught brilliantly.”
Client: Peter B.     Instructor: Candi   Course: RYA Advanced    

“Superb course, excellent instruction all round. Recommend to anyone!”
Client: Ivan S.        Instructor: Ian P    Course: RYA Advanced      

Powerboat Instructors

A very good, professional course. Excellent craft and particularly well prepared.
Client: Bill C. Trainer: Amy Veasey Moderator: Candi Abbott Course: RYA powerboat instructor

Nervous on day one, but due to the trainers manner I felt at ease and not worried about making mistakes and asking silly questions.
Client: Jo T. Trainer: Amy Veasey Moderator: Candi Abbott Course: RYA powerboat instructor

Candi, thanks again for another superb instructors course.
Client: Lyn P. Trainer: Amy Veasey Moderator: Candi Abbott Course: RYA powerboat instructor

Amy’s professionalism was second to none and she is clearly a huge asset. She has inspired me to want to reach the levels she does…
Client: Jo T. Trainer: Amy Veasey Moderator: Candi Abbott Course: RYA powerboat instructor